2019 Sportivamente Bruxelles (SB) challenge

Every year SB organises a challenge among its members. Points are attributed to the best 5 performances out of a list of pre-selected races plus to the best marathon or half marathon chosen by each member (bonus race). Members are divided into 3 categories based on their best performances the year before and the first three of each category receive an award during the SB general assembly.


  LATEST ranking of our members (2019) 2018 final ranking 2017 final ranking  


Take the opportunity of the races of the year to increase your score and reach the Sportivamente's podium.


Rules of the challenge

Please donít forget the golden rule of the challenge: if you want your points to be taken into account, you have to wear the SB outfit OR be registered for the race under the team name ę Sportivamente Bruxelles Ľ. We also invite you to read the complete rules of the Challenge.

After each race, your points will be calculated using the World Masters Athletics (WMA) tables of 2015. These tables take the age and the gender of the members into account as, based on an identical time in a race, more points are awarded to older runners compared to younger ones (and to women compared to men).

Donít hesitate to contact us at if you have any question regarding the challenge or to let us know of any bonus race you want taken into account for the Challenge. Stefano & Laurent, the team in charge of the challenge, will reply to your emails shortly.