Internal Challenge Sportivamente Bruxelles (SB) 2023

Each year, SB organizes an internal Challenge among its members. Points are assigned to the best five results in the preselected races and, in addition, the best marathon, half marathon or trail of at least 21 km chosen by members (bonus race). Members are divided into three categories according to their best results obtained the previous year and the first three of each category will receive a prize during the club General Assembly.


  Current ranking - year 2023    
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Take advantage of the races along the year to increase your score and competing for a spot on the podium.

Championship rules

Members are requested to respect the challenge golden rule: in order to get points for the races run, members will have either to wear the SB outfit OR regitering with the team name "SPORTIVAMENTE".
In addition, please read the SB Challenge rules.

After each race, points given to each members are calculated according the 2015 World Masters Athletics (WMA) tables. These tables take into account: age and member gender and - for the same race chrono - more points will be given to older runners (and to teh female category compared to the male one).

Do not hesitate to contact us at the email address in case of questions concerning teh Challenge or to tell us about a bonus race that you run. Nele and Francesco, in charge of the Challenge, will reply with a short delay to your emails.